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SiOx Technology uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as a natural solvent for many industrial processes. CO2 is used to extract/impregnate a substrate. The CO2 is recovered, cleaned and re-used. The SiOx methods can be used in many industrial fields. Traditional methods involving environmentally hazardous solvents and processes creating large amount of waste water can be replaced.We develop processes meeting customer needs and sell specially designed machines for these processes. Electrolux Laundry Systems Sweden AB produces the machines exclusively for us on the industrial markets. Our focus is industrial processes such as the manufacture of leather, plastic/rubber components and metal components. We also help industries with development of new processes using liquid or supercritical CO2.Regardless of application, SiOx machines CO2 method gives you:

1) higher productivity

2) Lower costs

3) Climate-smart technology

SiOx machines AB office and technical development center is based in Täby,15 km north of Stockholm City and 20 km south of Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

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Board of Directors: Jan Hamrefors, Joachim Karthäuser, Anders Marcusson




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