What can liquid or supercritical CO2 do for your business?


SiOx develops processes for customers on a contractual basis and carries out consultancy work. SiOx has carried out projects for larger corporations based in Norway, Sweden, Spain and Germany.

SiOx is bound by confidentiality agreements and is not allowed to disclose names. Projects related to interpenetrating networks in polymers, alternatives to freeze- and spray-drying of valuable raw materials, thin coatings, nano filtration devices and other fields. SiOx keeps good contacts with the academic world and has participated in larger, publicly financed projects.

We have good contacts to the venture capital world and can offer advice and financing opportunities for ideas and projects from the academic sector.

Our 150 square meter Tech center is equipped with high pressure CO2 equipment with batch volumes ranging from 2 liters lab scale reactors up to 300 liter. We work together with SWEDAC approved labs that can perform the analysis that we can't do inhouse.

In SiOx tech center you have the possibility to try our dense phase CO2 process or develop new processes and products.

Recent projects have included

  • Feasibility studies
  • Degreasing
  • Solubility trials
  • Impregnation of porous materials

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