Replaces toxic and flammable solvents

SiOx CO2 machine technology replaces processes traditionally carried out in perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons and other toxic and/or flammable solvents. The working fluid is carbon dioxide (CO2) under pressure, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and cheap. We offer liquid CO2 technology which has all the advantages of supercritical CO2 – but at much lower investment costs.

Replaces water as a solvent

SiOx machines can also replace water-based processes and avoid use and waste of valuable drinking water. Various industries need efficient cleaning, impregnation and material treatment technologies. Examples and more details are found under the headings. We have adapted the CO2 technology to all these markets.

Flexible machine - many potential tasks

Our machines are very versatile due to the ”platform” or modular design, comprising a treatment vessel for the goods, a storage and a recovery system for CO2 and additives. With industry-specific modifications, the machines are employed in very diverse industries such as leather processing, metal treatment , modification of plastics and biopolymers, and many special tasks e.g. in the pharma industry.

The ”platform design” enables us and our key supplier Electrolux to reduce construction and manufacturing costs – whilst keeping all the benefits of the advanced CO2 technology. We do not compromise when safety, quality and reliability is concerned.

The three basic processes

which can be carried out are:

1) Cleaning (e.g. degreasing of raw leather)

2) Extraction (e.g. perfumes or flavours from plants and herbs)

3) Impregnation of water-soluble or non-water soluble materials (e.g. tanning of leather, or thin silicone coatings on medical devices) For more information, please check the respective links leather, polymer, metal and special tasks.



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