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Versatile machines

Our machines are very versatile due to the ”platform” or modular design, comprising a treatment vessel for the goods, a storage and a recovery system for CO2 and additives. With industry-specific modifications, the machines are employed in very diverse industries such as leather processing, metal treatment , modification of plastics and biopolymers, and many special tasks e.g. in the pharma industry.


Exclusive collaboration with Electrolux

We work exclusively with Electrolux Laundry Systems Sweden AB with CO2 machines on industrial markets. Our ”platform design” enables us and our key supplier Electrolux AB to reduce construction and manufacturing costs – whilst keeping all the benefits of the advanced CO2 technology.


Machines size, 250 liters / 66 gallons

We do not compromise when safety, quality and reliability is concerned. Our machines can handle up to 200 kg / 500 lbs of goods. We also offers small scale multi-purpose reactors for the industry and universities. For a summary of our machines and configurations, please have a look at the overview page from the menu above. Product data sheets can be found under the download section in the menu above.


What can SiOx’ machines do for you?

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